About Us

Electro Systems Engineers, Inc. (ESEI) is a licensed professional Telecommunications Engineering and Information Technology Services company that provides integrated and highly reliable technology infrastructure solutions to clients in the Utility, Telecommunications, Energy, Government, and Commercial sectors.

ESEI is a robust business headquartered in El Paso, TX with a reputation for providing outstanding technical support to clients throughout the United States and Mexico and in different industries since 1994.

We work to identify and resolve technology issues to enhance our clients operations within multi-vendor and multi-technology environments. Through our services we help clients design, integrate, and manage network infrastructure utilizing a proactive and cost effective approach that results in increased availability and reliability of network and systems, end-to-end network connectivity, customized and standard based designs, and strengthen internal IT/Telecommunications teams.

We strive for partnerships with our clients because we believe long-term business relationships are built on customer trust and satisfaction. With this in mind, our business philosophy is focused exclusively on supporting our clients and consists of:

• Obtaining a clear understanding of client requirements

• Assessing available technologies

• Evaluating alternatives

• Implementing the most efficient solutions

Furthermore, because we do not have ties to equipment manufacturers or service providers, our only purpose is to provide objective, incisive, and independent solutions that allow our clients to concentrate on their core business.

We have established a reputation for integrity and customer loyalty. Our past performance exemplifies our ability to deliver quality services and integrated solutions to efficiently meet our clients’ objectives.