Contract Number DIR-TSO-3674

Electro Systems Engineers, Inc. (ESEI) is pleased to offer professional and professional and proactive End User IT Outsourcing Services to State of Texas agencies, City and County Governments, and Education Institutions eligible to use Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) contracts.

ESEI is a professional Telecommunications Engineering and Information Technology Services company that support clients with planning, design, integration, and management of communications and computer systems. Through our services and solutions we work with our clients to identify and resolve technology issues, to enhance our clients operations within multi-vendor and multi-technology environments, to increase availability and reliability of network and systems, and to strengthen internal IT/Telecommunications teams.

Services Categories
Under this contract, ESEI will provide personnel, transportation, hardware/software tools, training, and expertise required to deliver the services outlined below that are necessary to provide End User IT Outsourcing clients with Management, Support, and Technology services.

1. Managed Services
a. Provisioning of equipment
b. Desktop Outsourcing Services
c. Asset Tracking Services

2. Support Services
a. Service Desk
b. On Site Support and MAC Services
c. Remote Support Services
d. Standard & Ad Hoc Reporting & Description
e. Break/Fix/Maintenance Services
f. Unwind/End of Engagement Services

3. Technology Services
a. Mobility
b. Network Management Services
c. Software Services

This contract also authorizes ESEI to lease equipment to Texas State Agencies through a Master Lease Operating Agreement and to other non-State Agencies with access to the contract through a Master Lease Agreement. This will provide end-users with state-of-the-art equipment for the duration of the engagement.

End User IT Outsourcing Services

Contract Number DIR TSO-3674

How To Order
• For quotes and orders, contact: J. Antonio Rico at ESEI, call (915) 587-7902, Ext. 103
DIR-TSO-3674 DIR > Website
• For more information about DIR Cooperative Contracts click here.

Contract Benefits
• Contract open to state agencies, local governments, education institutions, and state-funded organizations.
• Contract satisfies all State of Texas bidding provisions.
• Authorized Master Lease Operational Agreements and Master Lease Agreements.
• Direct relationship with vendor for ordering and payment.
• Defined Terms and Conditions.
• Services customized to meet specific agency requirements.

Warranty and Return Policies
• All equipment provided under Authorized Master Lease Operational Agreements and Master Lease Agreements is fully warrantied (parts and labor) for the duration of the agreement.
• ESEI will replace, at no additional cost to client, any piece of leased equipment not performing as specified, provided equipment has not been damaged by negligence or abuse.

HUB-State of Texas Certified